This place is known as the Shooting Spot as a lot of film shooting takes places here. It is also known as 6th mile or 9th mile. When you visit the Shooting Spot, also known as Wenock Downs, you can explore the Pine forests and visit the Kamaraj Sagar Dam nearby.

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The shooting spots are a little away from the Ooty Gudalur Road. So, you need to park your vehicle by the road and climb up the hill to go to the shooting area. If the crowds are heavy, and the traffic congestion s high, then you may be forced to park further away and walk for a longer distance. However, when you look at the breathtaking view on top, you will feel that the climb was definitely worth it. After you capture photos to your heart’s content, you can walk down and a little further into the pine forests. Remember those song sequences where the hero and the heroine romanced or those scary fight sequences between pine trees? This is the spot there the shooting was done. If you’re lucky, you may catch live shooting in these spot. 


You can also enjoy horse riding here. There will be numerous stalls selling snacks, fresh carrots and more. 


  • What time does the shooting spot open?

The shooting spot opens at 8 am and closes at 6 pm.


  • How much is the entry fee?

The entry fee is INR 10. 


  • How to reach this place?

If you have a vehicle, then you can drive on the Ooty Gudalur road and stop at around 9 kilometers from Ooty. All buses that go to Mysore, Gundalpet and Gudalur go past this spot. Check if the conductor is willing to stop the bus at this point and board the bus. 


  • What is the average time people spend here?

You can spend 1 to 2 hours here, or longer if you enjoy the calmness of the pine forest. 


  • What are the other places of attraction nearby?

You can visit the Pykara dam and waterfall or go up to Emerald lake after you visit the shooting spot.

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