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Ooty honeymoon packages invite all the budding love-birds to create memories they will remember every time they face any ups and downs in their relationship. Which couple does not? create the memories at the romantic places in Ooty for couples to build up a love enriched bond.

Honeymoons are a once-in-a-lifetime experience where you get to spend some quality time with your beloved and know each other in an intimate setting. For the couple that enjoys something more than the regular romantic affair, Ooty is one of the best honeymoon destinations. The city hosts a variety of tourist destinations , dont miss Ooty Train that will make this vacation cherished and memorable for both of you. Avail the Ooty Honeymoon Tour Packages to miss none of them!

The glitz and glamour of the city are unparalleled, but you will also get to enjoy a close encounter with a variety of romantic places in Ooty. Learn about the floral species and enjoy fine dining in one of the Best Candel Light Dinner in Ooty.  Step into a world of enchantment and wonder at the forest Safari ride and enjoy the best nightlife in the beautiful Outdoor Candle light dinner. From thrilling rides at Adventureland to bungee jumping activities in Dodebetta – Ooty has a buffet of options for every kind of couple. Book your ticket to this dazzling city today to create fond memories that you can reflect on for a lifetime.

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Tips While Going for Your Honeymoon to Ooty

Honeymoon is a memorable part of your life, a time to create some beautiful memories that last a lifetime. So it is very important to plan everything well, especially choosing a honeymoon destination and planning the honeymoon trip.

If you are a couple looking for a classic honeymoon destination to begin the romantic phase of your lifetime, you should consider this place which is said to be “The Queen of Hill Stations.” Ooty is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in South India. It is a perfect spot where you can spend some romantic time with your partner while surrounded by fascinating Nilgiris hills, lush green forests, and misty weather conditions.  

Ooty has many attractions such as gardens, parks, dams, lakes, and waterfalls. Also, there are some plenty of to-do list activities like boating, horse-riding, hiking, campfire, fishing, long walks, and shopping. You can experience the beauty of nature while looking at the beautiful peaks of the high mountains, bright-hued flowers, and breathtaking views with mesmerizing sceneries. Most people are attracted to this place for its beautiful sceneries, pleasant climate, and fun activities. 

Checklist for your Ooty Honeymoon

To make the most of this private time, you need to plan well in advance. From booking your transport from Mysore to Ooty to the places to visit in Ooty, plan all in advance. We’ve created a checklist that we hope will help you while planning your honeymoon in Ooty:

  1. Carry a government ID proof for verification in hotels
  2. The first and foremost thing is to check the weather conditions in Ooty, especially during the time you’re planning to travel
  3. As the climate will be cold, woolen clothes and a warm wear are essential outerwear you need to pack
  4. Plan your honeymoon trips on weekdays not on weekends or holidays, so that you can enjoy the sceneries and peaceful environment with less crowd
  5. Prefer private cabs or rent vehicles than public vehicle transportation to minimize the travel time
  6. If you are prone to sickness on winding roads, then make sure that you carry some motion sickness medications
  7. Always carry a small medical kit for emergencies
  8. List out the tourist spots you want to go and plan accordingly
  9. If you are not aware of the tourist spots or sightseeing places, then preferably book Ooty honeymoon tour packages.


Booking an Ooty Honeymoon Tour Package

Spending quality time together is the most important thing during a honeymoon. To minimize your effort on planning everything to the last minute, you can avail the services of expert honeymoon tour planners. Simply book a honeymoon tour package and don’t worry about all the details. The package will include accomodation, transport, and sightseeing. And the best thing is that it is safe, convenient, and reliable. Tour packages are customizable with the number of days and sightseeing places. The tour provider also arranges for a driver cum semi guide. The honeymoon tour packages are beneficial both in terms of money and time, and so you can enjoy the honeymoon peacefully with your spouse.


Make your honeymoon more memorable by booking one of our customizable Ooty Honeymoon Packages from Mysore.

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