Boat House

A great place to have lots of fun and spend quality time with your partner. Book a paddle boat for two and enjoy paddling in the lake for an hour or so. They do have motorboats, but the boat rides are usually only for 15 to 20 minutes. So, if you don’t want the exercise of paddling, book a motor boat ride and then spend some quality time sitting on the lawn near the lake or enjoy a cycle ride with your partner.

Timing: 7:00 am to 6:30 pm
Tickets: Rs 30 for Adults, Rs 15 for Kids
Camera: Rs 30
Spend Time: 1:30 Hrs

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One of the top attractions of Ooty, this Lake is spread across 65 acres. Actually, it is an artificial lake that was designed and constructed by John Sullivan in the year 1824. It was originally built for fishing and traveling, but then the size of the lake shrunk and now it is a small part of the original plan. In 1973, the Tamilnadu Tourism Development took possession of the Lake and converted it into a tourist attraction by organizing boating. 

Here’s a breakup of the various kinds of boating offered in this lake and their prices. However, do check at the Boat House for the latest pricing.


Boat TypeTimeDeposit FeeBoat FeeDriver Fee
Pedal Boat 2 Seater30 minutesINR 170INR 170
Pedal Boat 4 Seater30 minutesINR 260INR 260
Row Boat 3 + 1 Seater30 minutesINR 250INR 205INR 45
Row Boat 5 + 1 Seater30 minutesINR 290INR 245INR 45
Motor Boat 8 Seater20 minutesINR 520INR 40
Motor Boat 10 Seater20 minutesINR 640INR 40
Motor Boat 15 Seater20 minutesINR 950INR 40



  • What are the boating timings at the Lake?

Boating opens at 10.00 am and closes at 6.30 pm.

  • What is the entrance fee?

The entry fee to the Boat House is INR 10 for Indians and INR 560 for foreigners.

  • Is there fee for camera, if so how much is it?

Yes, there is fee of INR 30 for camera and INR 125 for video camera.

  • Are there any other attractions in Boat House?

Apart from boating, this place has a 7D Cinema, Horror and Mirror House.  The entry fee for these attractions is INR 25 per person. The other attractions are Columbus, Dashing Car and Break Dance. The most popular attraction is the Toy Train for Kids. The toy train ticket costs just INR 25. 

  • What activities are popular near the Ooty Lake?

Just come outside the Boat House and you can hire cycles for a ride around the lake. You can also go on a horse ride.

  • What is the wait time to rent a boat?

The wait time depends on the crowd at the Boat House. If the number of tourists is less, then you can rent a boat almost immediately, else you may have a long wait. On average, the wait time is around half an hour.

  • Are there any restaurants nearby?

Yes, you will find restaurants in the boat house and also nearby. Also, there will be plenty of vendors and stalls selling snacks, fruits, and lots more.

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