Ooty Honeymoon

Indoor Candlelight Dinner



There’s a lot of romantic dinners you can take part in, but if you’re looking for a dinner that’s a little more special, then adding candlelight could really make for a nice touch. You don’t need to go all out and spend loads of money on fancy candles or tablecloths, just light some candles and use tin foil as your tablecloth! The tin foil will also give the feel of an outdoor meal.

Another thing you can add to this romantic dinner is a burst of colour! Buy some pretty flowers and add them to the table. You could even grow your own herbs in pots. When you’re eating, offer to feed your partner with a spoon or chopsticks, or both! If you’re not used to eating with chopsticks, then getting one of you to use them while the other eats normally gives an interesting twist!
A simple way of making something special is by adding music. A cheap way of doing this is by downloading music onto your ipod or phone and playing it through the speakers

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